oldest Pinot Noir vineyard and the oldest continuously producing Chardonnay vineyard in North America

100% Estate Vineyard


" It’s rocky everywhere, allowing good drainage and is no more than moderately nutritious, forcing the vines’ roots to plumb deep for its food as well as its water.  To plant in this area, the pickaxe is used more than the shovel, but the resulting depth and richness of the wines make the effort more than worthwhile.” - Bob Sessions

Hanzell Vineyards’ forty-six acres of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon are planted high on the mountain slopes of the Mayacamas Range overlooking the town of Sonoma. The property saddles this ridge with vineyards planted on both west-facing and east-facing slopes as well as on top of the ridge. Originally called Hanzell Farm, the estate is comprised of the following vineyards – Ambassador’s 1953 Vineyard, Zellerbach Vineyard, Day Vineyard, de Brye Vineyard, Sessions Vineyard, and Ramos Vineyard. The original planting, the Ambassador’s 1953 Vineyard, continues to produce to this day and is now the oldest Pinot Noir vineyard and the oldest continuously producing Chardonnay vineyard in North America. The Hanzell Clone Pinot Noir and Hanzell Clone Chardonnay are regarded as important heritage clones of California and the bud wood has been propagated to establish other vineyards throughout California and Oregon.

It took the tremendous vision of these three dedicated, knowledgeable and powerful individuals to bring Hanzell Vineyards to life. This dynamic fusion of skill, talent and vision catapulted the art and science of great winemaking in California and resulted in California wines achieving world-class recognition in less than two decades.

It is with their finely honed vision that we continue Hanzell Vineyards today. It is as relevant and inspiring now as it was in 1957.


“To embrace, understand and produce the Hanzell signature style requires great diligence in all facets. As we continually strive to elevate our wine to an even higher level of quality, great care is required in research, study and examination of each and every detail, both past and present.” - Micheal Mcneill



EXPLANATION OF CORE ITEMS: For over fifty years, Hanzell Vineyards has grown, produced and bottled Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which have the unique distinction of being produced solely from our estate-grown fruit since 1961. These wines have been made by people, both past and present, who all have given the best of themselves to realize this shared dream “To produce wine equal to the finest in the world”.